Anti-itch ointment filling machine

MIC-L30 Semi automatic aluminum tube filling sealing machine

Export: Switzerland

Completion: 2018

Volume: 2-150ml

Throughput: 10-40 /min

1. Manual tube feeding, auto eye marking, material filling, sealing (tail folding), batch number printing, finished products discharging can be performed.
2. According to the different length of the tube, height of tube chamber can be adjusted easily by motor.
3. The mechanical linkage photo sensor precision tolerance is less than 0.2mm. The chromatic aberration scope between tube and eye mark is reduced.
4. Photo-electronic, electric, pneumatic integrative control is applied with the machine. No tube, no filling.
5. It gives an alarm when low pressure occurs. The machine stops automatically if tube error or open the safety door.

Customer tube volume: 20g, 40g, 60g
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