Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
Labeling Machine
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  • Technical parameter
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1) Whole equipment made of stainless steel and perfect aluminum metal, have reasonable structure, and can be adjusted conveniently.
2) Don’t need feet bolt, can be moved conveniently and cooperate with product field flexibility.
3) Shrinkable membrane volume label, according to different volume label paper pump can be adjusted conveniently.
4) Do not need tool, transmission machine can be adjusted conveniently for different bottles.
5) Have special way of labeling, adopts press style labeling, reasonable and convenient.
6) Volume label cut down check system, insure lowest error.
7) Special designed sword plate in standard range, avoid changing sword pedestal, sword can be changed easily and conveniently.
8) Newel control system, swift quickly, do not need any tool.
9) Bottle disparting screw, orientation strap, transportation chain adopts synchronization way of adjust, so speed adjust easily and quickly.

Technical parameter
Dimension 1500L * 1200W * 2000H (mm)
Weight 700kg
Can set the bottle diameter range ¢ 25-125mm
Bottle height 15-320mm
Bottle type round, oval, square, shaped bottle
Label Length 280mm
Label thickness 0.035-0 .08 mm
Paper tube diameter 3-10 "Applicable
Main machine speed Normal running speed is not less than 150 bottles/min
Power AC3 380V
Standard machine Power consumption 2.5KW
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