MIC 18-6 Cooking Oil Plastic Bottle Filling Machine ( 3000-6000BPH Based on 500ml suitable for big and medium sized food and oil factory)
MIC 18-6 Cooking Oil Plastic Bottle Filling Machine ( 3000-6000BPH Based on 500ml suitable for big and medium sized food and oil factory)
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MIC-18-6 rotary type cooking edible oil plastic bottle filling capping machine adopts volumetric type quantitative filling system which is applicable for vegetable oil , cooking oil , olive oil, edible oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil etc liquid like oil products.


1.Volumetric type quantitative filling can ensure high precision filling, do not waste materials. To make the filling process is stable and high efficient.

2.The structural design of each part fully considers the health requirements, the filling cylinder,filling valve and parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel 304, with good corrosion resistance.

3.This machine is equipped with a set of adjustment device, so that customers can fill 500ml~2000ml bottles without changing the measuring cup, only adjust the measuring cup capacity. No bottle no filling function.

4.The position turning block of the filling valve turns the position and opens the valve under the action of another cylinder. Cylinder backblowing anti-drip device.

5.It is mainly used for oil bottle filling and capping. Its structure is advanced, stable, reliable, safe operation, convenient maintenance, the use of frequency conversion speed control, high production efficiency, is the ideal equipment for big and medium sized food and oil factory.

Volumetric type quantitative filling system

Filling part working principle: this machine adopts non-contact quantitative filling. Open the measuring cup control valve, feed oil to the measuring cup according to the adjusted flow, and the bottle is conveyed into the filling machine by the conveyor belt, screw and dial wheel. At the same time, the time control is used to close the measuring cup control valve after accurate measurement. After the filling process is completed, the cylinder acts to blow the last remaining oil from the valve port into the bottles, so as to achieve the effect of no drip leakage. Then send to the capping machine to complete the screwing.

Plastic cap screwing system

The motor transmits the power to the main shaft through the transmission device, so that the turntable rotates. Because the central gear does not rotate, the rotary cap rotates because of the rotation of the gear of the rotary cap shaft. When the machine sealing, the cover through the automatic cover falling device, cover falling guide rail, there is a bottle into the cover plate, no bottle then no cover, when the rotation of the cap side moving down, rotation (pressure) cap under the action of the CAM to complete cover. Then by the drawing wheel into bottle delivery.

Liquid nitrogen doser

In order to extend the shelf life and freshness of the oil, we will suggest our customer to add this liquid nitrogen doser to work with filling machine.



Filling heads


Sealing heads


Filling volume range


Production capacity

3000-6000CPH based on 500ml

Filling temperature

room temperature

Bottle diameter range


Bottle height


Air pressure


Air consumption








Touch screen

Siemens (Germany)


Schneider (France)

AC Contactor

Schneider (France)


Mitsubishi (Japan) / Siemens (Germany)

Frequency changer

Schneider (France)


Schneider (France)

Air cylinder

AirTAC (China) / FESTO (Optional)

Solenoid valve

AirTAC (China) / FESTO (Optional)


Omron (Japan) / Schneider (France)

photoelectric sensor

Autonics (Korea) / Omron (Optional)

Proximity switch

Autonics / Omron (Optional)

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