MIC 40-10 Craft Beer Canning Machine (8000-15000CPH, especially suitable for large size brewery, distillery and winery)
MIC 40-10 Craft Beer Canning Machine (8000-15000CPH, especially suitable for large size brewery, distillery and winery)
MIC 40-10 Craft Beer Canning Machine (8000-15000CPH, especially suitable for large size brewery, distillery and winery)
MIC 40-10 Craft Beer Canning Machine (8000-15000CPH, especially suitable for large size brewery, distillery and winery)
MIC 40-10 Craft Beer Canning Machine (8000-15000CPH, especially suitable for large size brewery, distillery and winery)
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Mic 40-10 carbonated drinks filling machine adopts isobaric pressure filling system which is applicable for beer, carbonated beverage, soft drink, hard cider, soda water, sparkling water and other canned drinks (Cold filling temperature at 0-4 degrees Celsius) If you also want to use the same machine to fill non-carbonated drinks is available. Through change the counter pressure filling valves to normal pressure filling valves then it will be suitable for filling non-carbonated beverages such as energy drink, fruit juice, cold brew coffee, herbal tea and so on.

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Machine features:

1. Mic 40-10 carbonated beverage can filling machine is in the digestion and absorption of advanced foreign and domestic sealing machine on the basis of independent development of the can filling, sealing unit. Filling and seaming part is the overall designed, in order to ensure that both the absolute synchronization and coordination.

2. The machine adopts PLC, frequency converter, human machine interface controlling system, having the advanced controlling technologies, such as frequency control, no can no filling and so on.

3. Isobaric filling system, controlled by pressure, accuracy is +/-1%liquid level difference is not more than 2mm. (requires steady pressure and temperature at 0-4degrees Celsius).

4. Can seaming machine is qualified for Chinese seaming standard, and no air leakage at all.

5. It has the characteristics of filling reposefully, high speed, liquid level control, capping reliably, frequency conversion timing, less material loss. It can equip CIP system according to the customers’ request. It is the preferred equipment for the small brewery and medium beverage plant.

6. Aluminum can and metal can are both available working on our seaming machine, We use our own technical drawing and own processing machine, to make sure our seaming head quality and always easy to purchase.

7. If Cans stock on conveyor then sensor will inform PLC to stop the Can feeding.

8. About machine test and shipment, we are stick with real production test till all problem is fix and then ship out.

Are you looking for a high-speed canning machine for your craft brewery? Look no further than Micmachinery. Our craft beer canning machine can handle 8000-15000 cans per hour, making it the perfect solution for breweries looking to scale up their production.


Our canning machine is designed specifically for craft beer, ensuring that your beer is packaged with the highest quality standards in mind. With its advanced technology and high-speed performance, you can be confident that your beer will be packaged quickly and efficiently, without compromising on taste or quality.


Our craft beer canning machine is built with durability in mind, ensuring that it can handle the demands of high-volume production without sacrificing reliability. It features a compact footprint and user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and integrate into your existing canning setup.


At Micmachinery, we're committed to providing the best canning solutions for craft breweries. Our machines are backed by exceptional customer service and technical support, ensuring that you have the assistance you need when you need it.


Don't let packaging slow down your brewery's growth. Contact us today to learn more about how our craft beer canning machine can help you increase production and efficiency.

Empty can depalletizer

Automatic empty aluminum cans depalletizer is mainly used for automatic unloading of empty cans. The empty cans stacked on the pallet, from bottom to top layer of lift and push to the net conveyor and matching use with inline cans rinser which is the ideal equipment of medium-sized and large beverage manufacturers essential.

Inline can rinser / can washing machine

The inline can rinser is used to clean the empty cans by clean water before filling, we can add this can rinser in the beginning of filling line. The twist cages are customized with your sample cans. As long as the height and diameter of your cans are different, you need to buy the extra set twist cages to change.

Isobaric pressure / counter pressure filling system

“MIC” Isobaric pressuring filling does not create foaming during fill, unless beer is above 40°F. Counter Pressure filling leaves 1.27CM headspace, required by can manufacturers for product expansions and potential warming during distribution. Our machine will not foaming and it can keep low DO in the cans. Counter pressuring filling does not create foaming during filling process. Adopts high precision buffing process and food grade 304 stainless steel liquid tank. It will equipped with CIP connector as customer's demand.

Liquid nitrogen doser

Normally, as for cold brew coffee, fruit juice and herbal tea filling, we will suggest our customer to add this liquid nitrogen doser to work with canning machine. In order to extend its shelf life and make sure it tastes good. It also makes the aluminum cans fuller and less prone to deformation.

Aluminum lid seaming system

The “MIC” system is a mechanism actuated, cam-driven seamer with easily adjustable rollers that allow for precise adjustment to from seams that are within can-maker specifications. Seams are formed in under only a second, faster than any other system in its class. Through two past decade’s technology innovation and optimization, the result is revolutionary.

Mic 40-10 Parameters

Filling heads
Sealing heads
Production capacity

8000-15000CPH based on 330ml

Filling temperature
0-4 ℃
Filling pressure
Max 5bar/0.5Mpa
Can diameter range
Bottle height


Weight 4500Kg

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Beer, carbonated beverage, gas drinks, cold coffee, sparkling water, cider, soda water, herbal tea, non-carbonated drinks and so on

Packing Type

Aluminum cans, tin cans, pet cans, etc



Filling Range

180ml, 250ml, 330ml, 355ml, 440ml, 500ml, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 1L and so on (0.1-1L)







Touch screen Siemens (Germany)
AC Contactor Schneider (France)
PLC Siemens (Germany)
Frequency changer

Schneider (France)

Air cylinder

FESTO (Germany)

Solenoid valve

FESTO (Germany)


Omron (Japan) / Schneider (France)

photoelectric sensor

Autonics (Korea) / Omron (Japan)

Proximity switch

Autonics (Korea) / Omron (Japan)

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