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The filling temperature of carbonated drink is 0-4 celcius degree, and the environment temperature is 20-30 degree, so the filled bottles will be full of water drops if they are not warmed, so the bottle warming machine warms the bottles by spraying warm water from the nozzles to the outside walls of bottles to keep the bottles warm and away from water drops, and make it convenient for labeling and printing. The chain plate apply anti-friction and high temperature resistance engineering plastic. Apply advanced PLC controller to assure all action precision. The conveyor is frequency controlled. All spray tubes are made of stainless steel and spray evenly. All spray nozzles are made of engineering plastic. The catchment flume is made of stainless steel and equipped with a level alarm device. The spray-cooling tunnel has a spray cooling recycling water pump.

• The tunnel have strong legs.
• The tunnel is sealed. Only both of sides door can be opened. The whole machine is SUS304 material, there is no plating on surface
• There is a water tank, and the water tank will be connected with water pump. So pump will offer water and clean.
• Yeah, the Water tank will offer water.
• The side covers are easily to remove, so you can check, inspect and clean the tunnel anytime.
• We will offer the conveyor for tunnel, and the conveyor has motor .
• The transformer of frequency will control the conveyor.
• Yeah, steam heating is better than the electric heating. It is faster.
• The heat exchanger system
• The system, and thermal water heating is carried out by means of electronic controls, steam valves and steam registers.
• There are the filters for water circulation pumps. And we will install the separate filter for the water pipes.
• The machine is automatic machine. We will install the solenoid valve for the machine. So it will adjust temperature, speed automatically.
• We will install the light alarm system. If the machine have emergency situation, the light will twinkling.
• Electrical control cabinet with signaling elements, button control, an electronic temperature registrar, has a degree of protection IP-54.
• The pasteurizer is made of stainless steel AISI 304.
• In the input and the output of the pasteurizer, emergency stop buttons are provided.
• The normal position of all taps is closed.

Technical parameter
Production capacity 8000-12000BPH
Bottle type 100ml- 2500 ml
Process parameters Circulating water 56m3/h
Bottles into temperature 0℃~40℃
Bottle out temperature 20℃~30℃
Cooling effective area 10.0×1.3m2
Operating speed of the conveyor belt 100-500(mm/min)
Cooling time is adjustable, the main motor inverter
Water consumption 6.8M3/h
Cooling time 12-15min
Steam pressure Steam pressure
Steam consumption 80kg/h
Machine power 4 KW
Dimension 8000×2000×1700 mm (length* width* height)
Weight About 5500KG

Treatment time Water temperature Inlet product temperature Outlet product temperature
1st heating 5.5min 29° 22.5°
2nd heating 6min 43° 22.5° 38°
Pre-pasteuization 8.5min 66° 38° 62°
Pasteurization 10min 62° 62° 62°
1st cooling 6.5min 42° 62° 46.5°
2nd cooling 7.5min 28° 46.5° 31.5°
No. Name Brand
1 Press-button Schneider
2 Magnetic Contactor Schneider
3 Relay Omron
4 Frequency transformer Siemens
5 Motor JSCC made in Germany
6 Air cylinder Airtac
7 Solenoid valve Airtac
8 A level sensor Panasonic
9 Temperature sensor Panasonic
10 Bearing NSK
11 PLC Siemens
12 Touch screen Siemens
13 Electrical Control Siemens
14 Pumps to protection Nafang
15 Main belt of pasteurize is plastic Teflon
16 Step motor SNAYO made in Japan
17 Sprinkle nozzle MIC
18 Steam Valve MIC
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