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Here we have machine as, syringe filling and assembling machine, syrups filling capping machine, inhaler filling capping machine, xilin vials filling machine, penicillin filling machine, silica gel filling machine, gel syringe filling machine,
Powder filling machine in the jar, no dust cover, hundred-grade dust cover,

We are able to meet client machine standard requirement, such as FAT, GMP, IQ.OQ,PQ,DQ etc Standards. We are always welcome client with their suggestions. We are waiting for you in China.

Syrup filling capping Machine

MIC-LL45 10-120ml
Eyedrop filling machine



Plastic syringe filling machine

Automatic glass syringe filling machine

Glass syringe filling machine
Prefilling filling and filling machine

Prefilling filling and filling machine
0.1-30ML 5.5kw
This filling sealing machine is suitable for: Syrup, oral liquid, E-liquid, Eye-drops and Ear-drops into various round and flat Glass bottles with the range from 10-50ml.
  • Model:LL45
  • Volume:10-120ml
  • Power:2.0Kw
  • Weight:650kg
This E-Liquid filling machine is suitable for: Daily chemistry, cosmetics. Smallglass bottles and plastic bottles such as electronic liquids, essential oils, syrups, etc.
  • Model:MIC-E40
  • Voltage:220V/380V
  • Filling Range:20-120ml
  • Weight:550kg
This syringe filling machine is suitable for: Filling and packaging of various syringes, boosters, injection tubes and the like in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biology and the like.
  • Model:MIC-SGJ-1
  • Voltage:110V/220V/380V
  • Filling Speed:20-30pcs/minute
  • Motor Power:2KW
The tube device of the automatic glass tube syringe filling machine can fill accurately and control bubbles when plugging.Automatic operation, full monitoring.In addition to normal liquid, also suitable for filling transparent viscous liquid such as ester acid.
  • Model:Glass syringe filling machine
  • Voltage:1-10ml
  • Power:6KW
  • Weight:1300kg
Accurately fill and control bubbles when plugging. Automatic operation, full monitoring. In addition to normal liquids, it is also suitable for filling transparent viscous liquids such as ester acids.
  • Model:Prefilling filling and filling machine
  • Voltage:0.1-30ml
  • Power:5.5kw
  • Weight:950kg
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