when aluminum tube is hard for the rolling part

When aluminum tube is hard for the rolling part

Adjust these two parts for lower the rolling part

Loose these two screw for adjust this station lower,

and also make sure the rolling part is vertical strictly, so this way rolling part can roll the tube well, now is too long to reach.

When machine appears, tube sensor mark is ok, but sometimes doesn’t fill.
It needs check a few things as below.
1. Check the counter on touch screen, see if the no filling tube is still in the counting, meaning as no filling tube pass 1 piece, the counter add 1?
If as this problem, no filled tube pass, and the counter counted it.
Problem is maybe: magnetic valve has water? Can you clean it?
Or the wiring is loose.

2. Check two, manually fill, press fill, the machine fill, if press, no fill, adjust the synchronous sensor (under the machine table) distance closer,

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