Pallet Winding Machine
Pallet Winding Machine
Pallet Winding Machine
Pallet Winding Machine
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  • Technical parameter
The machine motor, electric wire, chain device such as a dangerous all build.To ensure the safety of operating personnel. New 360 arc column design, concise and easy appearance. PLC programmable control, winding program is optional. Optional multi-function man-machine interface touch screen display system, real-time display equipment running status. German P + F photoelectric switch from dynamic measuring height of goods. The layer number of twisting, running speed, film arbitrary adjustable tensioning degree, easy and simple operation. Independent variable frequency control pre-stretching automatic film feeding system, tension free adjustment. The top and bottom ring number of twisting control separately, and 1-3 circle free adjustment.  Automatic, manual change easily, almost no maintenance.

the power source disposes

AC220V 50Hz 1 KW

packing specification

L (500-1300) ×W (500-1300)

biggest tare


turntable electrical machinery power


biggest packing


fluctuation electrical machinery power


winding membrane inside diameter


the turntable velocity of whirl

0-12 revolutions of/each minute

the power source disposes

AC220V 50Hz 1 KW

turntable diameter


the membrane fluctuation speed

3.2 meters/each minute

Outlook size

L2550*W1500*H2500 (mm)

Complete machine weight


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