Nail Glue Filling Capping Machine FAQ

Problem 1:Inner loading and brush loading can’t running alone.

Solution : Redo the program

Problem 2:When bottle feeding into to the turntable , It will strike turntable that bottle will be easy break .

Solution : Add a bottle block cylinder to block bottle to make it feeding one by one.

Problem 3 :Not too many font colors and background colors.

Solution : Redo the program

Problem 4:When the bottle fall down on conveyor , the bottle block cylinder always block that the next bottle can’t enter turntable .

Solution : Add a checking device to checking bottle fall down and automatic kick out.

Problem 5:Inner loading always not very accurate , because there have a hole that the size is not ok .

Solution : Adjust the hole size.

Problem 6:The program is not ok , because the filling , brush loading and cap loading set up is position setup not time .So the bottle will be easy break .

Solution : Redo the program

Problem 7:Peristaltic pump head is corroded.

Solution : Use aluminum peristaltic pump head

Problem 8:Capping head was wear out just use couple thousand bottle.

Solution : Change new capping head

Problem 9:Peristaltic pump filling way is counterclockwise , customer want clockwise filling .

Solution : Change peristaltic pump driven program

Centralizing head:
Screw the head:
Bottle retaining cylinder:
Elimination of bottle pouring test:
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