MIC-P40 semi-auto perfume filling & capping machine debugging video
Regulating gland

1. How to solve the liquid splash when filling?

Answer:the screw of the air cylinder you can screw more tight
2. How to place the spring of the filling head
Answer:should be like the photo showed. White head should be placed face down
3.This washer is slightly getting bent while doing tight, that"s okay ?
Answer: Do not need to screw it too tight, the function is just for sealing

4.What do you mean other parameters are adjusted.Send me the photo of the screenshot with other parameters as everywhere it is zero.

There should be a second unit. The filling amount is adjusted by time.
The more you fill, the more seconds you need to increase.
50ml bottle filling setting:
1.Filling volume time set to 2.1s of each nozzle(just put 2.1s under the filling volume)
2.Other part please do not change just like now.
3.Current angle please set to 152 if it can
100ml bottle filling setting:
Filling volume time set to 2.4s of each nozzle(just put 2.4s under the filling volume)

other part please do not change.

Photos for your reference

5.The liquid is not going into cylinders . The filling nozzles are going up and down but no liquid going to bottle.How to connect tubes.


1) put the tubes into your material container

Press the filling head onto the mouth of the bottle to form a seal

2) Sealing the mouth of the bottle by adjusting the height of the filling head
3)Open the filling switch on the manual page first to test to see if the negative pressure filling is formed
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