Liquid filling project solution
Liquid filling project solution
For more than 20 years, Micmachinery has been devote all the energy and enthusiasm in machine production and research. Our company machinery can be classified by application, such as Medical filling packing machine, Food filling packing machine, Beverage filling packing machine, Cosmetic filling packing machine, Chemical filling packing machine, we are able to fill all kinds liquid, paste, cream or high viscosity products into all kinds tube, bottles, jars, cans, bag, and containers. Keep machine running well in your site and make machine worth and match for your production, not just worthy or high cost is our working principle.

Field Introduction

  • Beer, Wine, Beverage filling
    We are manufacturer for gas mixing tank, water cooling machine, can and glass bottle filling seaming capping machine, isobaric filling machine, isobaric filler. Here you can easily find our filling capping seaming machine for PET bottle, Glass bottle, and Cans. We are able to build a machine for your various beverages, beer, wine package.

  • Food product filling
    Here you can find out our machine for food packaging, such as sauces, oil, pastes. As current market packaging, our filling machine can also full fill your requirement on pack in bottles, jars, bags.

  • Cosmetic product filling
    Our inline filling machine is suitable for your production as Gels, Shampoos, Serums, Lotions, Creams personal care filling, bubble baths, flavorings, sunscreen, soap, shower gels, hair care products, perfume, etc products.

  • Medical product filling
    Here we have the machine as, syringe filling and assembling the machine, syrups filling capping machine, inhaler filling capping machine, xilin vials filling machine, penicillin filling machine, silica gel filling machine, gel syringe filling machine.

  • Chemical product filling
    Our filling system is designed for your various products, such as: Foaming chemicals, viscous liquids, Aggressive liquids, solvents, Detergents, Polymers, Glue, Lube, Disinfectants, Cleaning products, Explosive or highly flammable products, high viscosity products, etc.
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