L60 How to use hopper heating
1.First to fill the hopper up till the outlet has come out the oil (It meant full)

(1) Oil will come out when tank is full

(2) Pressured oil to fill Or use high position to fill

If no pressure oil, you can take the tank off the machine, and add it from high position by soft tubes,
And then put it on the machine, it might have 40-50kg weight after oil filling, but once it is set on the machine
No need to change the oil anymore.

2.To connect the heating wires of 2 sides of tank. (front and back)

3.Double check the heating sensor if right

Check this sensor goes at end of jacket

4. To press the heating button on the touch screen (red mark)

5. set the temperature meter   this is Omron E5CWL you can find the manual on the website
Here I just have a few introduce:

(1) You choose number place
(2) Change number as need
(3) When number stop flash, it is already set

(1) Choose the number place
(2) Increase temperature
(3) decrease temperature
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