Feedback on syringe problems

Customer question 1:What is the meaning of the black part?

Filling stroke: To control the increase or decrease of the filling volume

Filling speed:To Adjust the speed of the filling pump piston during filling progress, it needs to coordinate with the speed of the main machine

Back stroke: After each filling, the machine will have a suck back action to prevent material from remaining after filling or filling too much (To Control how much material remains after filling)

Back suction speed:To control the speed of the suck back action.

Filling back speed:To control the speed of pump back off (filling pump back to origin)

Customer question 2

What does the pulse represent in the actual operation of the machine?

The ratio of parameter settings to actual operation:
1. Filling servo: 4000 pulses = 1 rotation of the motor = 5mm stroke (distance)
2. Capping servo: 4000 pulses = 1 rotation of the motor= 5mm stroke (distance)

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