Cosmetic filling project solution
Welcome to our cosmetics filling machine project solution page.

Here you can find our machine classified as overflow filling machine, Time gravity filling machine, Net weigh filling machine, Peristaltic filling machine, piston filling machine and servo pump / rotor pump filling machine.

Our inline filling machine is suitable for your production as: Gels. Mascaras, Lipsticks, Shampoos, Serums, Lotions, Creams personal care filling, shaving cream, bubble baths, flavourings, sunscreen, soap, shower gels, hair care products, perfume, deodorants etc products,
Changzhou MICMACHINERY is doing the best for Serving to the Cosmetic industry.

Also, you might consider the products packaging, do not worry, we can design machine for your various packaging as: Tube filling, Syringe filling, Airless pump filling, cartridge filling, Bottle filling, Jar filling, Box filling and bag filling.

We offer you the customized packaging and Turnkey Packaging service.

Gel balm filling capping machine

MIC-LL45 20-100ml
Nail glue filling capping machine

Cream tube Filling Sealing Machine
MIC-R60 1-300ml 4.5kw
Perfume filling machine

1Kw 220v single phase 5 wire
Essential oil filling capping machine

MIC-L40 5-50ml 2.0kw

This filling capping machine is suitable for: Cosmetics, light industry (daily chemical industry), pharmaceutical, food and other industries, for enterprise products selected plastic bottles, glass bottles for packaging containers, the device can cream, ointment, cream, gel or viscous fluid.
  • Model:MIC-LL45
  • Power:2KW
  • Volume:20-100ml
  • Weight:500KG
This machine is mainly available to fill nail glue into various round and flat glass and plastic bottles with the filling range from 5-20ml.
  • Model:MIC-L40
  • Volume:5-20ml
  • Power:2.5KW
  • Weight:500KG
This glue filling sealing machine is suitable for: cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff, bond industries and other similar products.
  • Model:MIC-R60
  • Capacity:30-60 tubes/min
  • Power:4.5kw
  • Weight:850kg
A semi-auto soft glue filling and capping machine is mainly used for glass bottle perfume filling and capping. This MIC-L40 SEMI-auto perfume filling & capping machine contains a working disk and two vibrating plates. It has 3 filling heads and 16 positions.
  • Model:MIC-L40
  • Power:1Kw 220v single phase 5 wire
  • Volume:50-150ml
  • Filling speed:20-30 bottle per min
This filling capping machine is suitable for: E-liquid ,essential oil , VG PG seed oil into various round bottles with the filling range from 5-50 ml.
  • Model:MIC-L40
  • Volume:5-50ml
  • Power:2.0Kw
  • Weight:850kg
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