Chemical filling project solution
Welcome to our chemical products filling machine solution page.

Our filling system is designed for your various products, such as:
Foaming chemicals, viscous liquids, Aggressive liquids, solvents, Detergents, Polymers, Glue, Lube, Disinfectants, Cleaning products, Explosive or highly flammable products, high viscosity products, etc.

The machine can fill different volume from 10ml-15000L. for your different package requirements. Such as: vials, tubes, glass bottles, jars, cans, plastic bottles, barrels, pails, drums, IBC containers etc.
All you just need to share your ideas and pictures what you need with our sale manager, we will offer you professional quotes at soonest.

Picture Model
502 glue filling capping machine

Adhesive glue pen cartridge filling capping machine

Engine oil Filling Machine

4.0 KW
Essential oil filling capping machine

Chemical products tube filling machine
MIC-L60 10-500ml 220V/50Hz
Preservative anti-corrosive liquid filling machine

MIC-ZF12 500-5000ml 1kw
Lube oil weighing filling machine

MIC-ZF4 5-30L 3.0KW
This glue filling capping machine is suitable for: super glue, glue 502, cyanoacrylate adhesive and other similar products.
  • Model:MIC-M30
  • Power:220V/50Hz
  • Filling Quantity:1-50ml
  • Heating Power:400W
This machine is mainly designed for small vape pen cartridge and suitable for filling liquid product materials with the range from 0.5-5ml, such as 502 glue, super glue, glitter glue, liquid adhesive, electronic cigarette or essential oil and so on.
  • Model:MIC-L40
  • Volume:0.5-5ml
  • Power:2KW
  • Weight:400kg
The equipment is mainly used for pesticide, chemical, water agent kind of liquid bottles, packaging, can be applied to a variety of different types of containers. It can form a production line with capping machine and labeling machine。
  • Model:MIC-ZF20
  • Power:4.0 KW
  • Volume:100-700ml
  • Dimension:2650(L)×1370(W)×2230(H)
This filling capping machine is suitable for: E-liquid ,essential oil , VG PG seed oil into various round bottles with the filling range from 5-50 ml.
  • Model:MIC-L40
  • Volume:5-50ml
  • Power:2.0Kw
  • Weight:850kg
An aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is mainly used for aluminum tube filling and sealing. It has been widely used in the fields of pharmacy, cosmetic, food and chemical etc.
  • Model:MIC-L60
  • Power:220V/50Hz
  • Filling Quantity:3-20ml,15-75ml, 75-250ml
  • Weight:1200kg
This filling machine is suitable for: pesticides, chemicals, bottled agent type liquid dispensing, bottle filling, Applicable to a variety of different types of containers.
  • Model:MIC-ZF12
  • Power:1kw
  • Volume:500-5000ml
  • Weight:700kg
This weight filling machine is suitable for: Lube oil, chemical material, industry oil, Detergent, bean oil, paint and other similar products.
  • Model:MIC-ZF4
  • Volum:5-30L
  • Power:3.0KW
  • Weight:800KG
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