Mineral Water Filling Machine
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The machine is a kind of professional filling machine for mineral water, pure water which applies to PET bottle. It is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel. Main components are processed precisely by CNC machine tool. The machine adopts advanced photo electricity to detect running status. No bottle no filling. It realize man-machine conversation because of applying touch screen for operation
1) Bottle is entered by air conveyor, the speed of bottle entering is fast and bottle shape isn’t changed because of adopting hanging clamping bottleneck way
2) Adopting clamping bottleneck way to wash bottle mouth and avoid touching screw mouth, adopting clamping bottleneck way in the whole conveying process. When bottle type changes, you need to change the board related with bottle diameter
3) Filling adopts cylinder feeding structure, filling valve adopts high filling speed and mass flow rate valve which control liquids level accurately and without loss.
4) Screw capper adopts French advanced technology which cans screw cap promptly when clamping bottle.
5) The PLC and transducer are chosen from international famous brand, such as OMRON, MITSUBISHI and so on
We sold one to The Republic of Serbia on May 1,2017.
Technical parameter
Number of washing positions 32pieces
Number of filling positions 32pieces
Number of capping positions 10pieces
Production capacity 10000-12000bph base on 500ml
Suitable bottle height 160-340(mm)
Suitable bottle diameter Ø50 - Ø95(mm)
Main motor power 3kw
Air pressure 0.4MPa
Air consume 0.15m3/min
Washing water pressure 0.2MPa
Washing water consume About 1.5 T/hour
Main motor power 2.2kW
Total power About 8kw
Shape dimension 4300x3500x2300mm
Weight 5500kg
Filling temperature Normal temperature
Suitable bottle PET bottle with crew cap
No Name Suppliers Logo
1 Main motor Boneng transmission
2 Fan motor Wuxi , Luo community
3 Cap sorter motor Zhejiang, Xinyangguang
4 Conveyor motor Hangzhou, Zov Borel
5 Solenoid valve Taiwan, AirTAC
6 Cylinder
7 Conveyor chain plate Shanghai, GLLO
8 Gas source Taiwan, AirTAC
9 Water pump Hangzhou, Nanfang
10 Frequency converter Mitsubishi
11 Switching power supply Taiwan,  MEAMWELL
12 Contactor, thermal protection France, Schneider
13 Intermediate relay OMRON
14 Photoelectric switch Korea, AUTONICS
15 Proximity switch Korea, AUTONICS
16 PLC control system Mitsubishi
17 Touch screen Taiwan, WEINVIEW
18 Air switch France, Schneider
Water Factor, Tirana Albania,  2012
Beer Canning Factory, Wales UK, 2017,03
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