All Kinds Edible Oil Filling Machine
All Kinds Edible Oil Filling Machine
All Kinds Edible Oil Filling Machine
All Kinds Edible Oil Filling Machine
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MIC-32-8 Rotated edible oil filling machine with Europian standard

Adopt products: vegetable oil , cooking oil , olive oil. sun flower oil, peanut oil etc liquid like oil products.

Machine working principle:

1. The machine is suitable for filling and sealing of carbonated drink beer and beverage in the industrial of pop can beverage field.

2. The filling and seaming are of integral design.

3. The principle of equal pressure filing is adopted.

4. During filing, after the empty can reaches into the can lifting cylinder after passing through the pneumatic triplex parts, and the empty can is raised and the conical seal gasket under the filling valve is sealed.

5. The position turning block of the filling valve turns the position and opens the valve under the action of another cylinder.

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Recent export news: (click for check news)

We sold one to Turkmenistan on May 4,2017.



Power 3.5KW
Filling heads 24PCS
Sealing heads 6PCS
Main material SUS304
Capacity 1000-3000CPH at 2.5KG
Can diameter range 50-190MM
Can height 39-170MM
Filling pressure 0.2-0.3Mpa
Dimension 2500*1500*1900MM
Weight 3.8T

No. Name Brand
1 Press-button Schneider
2 Magnetic Contactor Schneider
3 PLC Mitsubishi
4 Fequency transformer Mitsubishi
5 Touch screen Mitsubishi
6 Air cylinder AirTAC
7 Solenoid valve AirTAC
8 Bearing NSK
9 Motor JSCC Germany
10 Relay Omron
Water Factor, Tirana Albania,  2012
Beer Canning Factory, Wales UK, 2017,03
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